Saturday, 31 December 2011

Trouble in Paradise!

If you haven't been under a rock for the past couple of months, you've probably heard a lot about some sexual scandals in OriginalClub. Besides the occasional steamy story or trolling text, OC has, in the words of Ke$ha, been 'taking it off' on camera and causing quite the scene. It seems like this troubled teenager wanted to have a repeat episode for some unlucky OC-ers in a tinychat room. He was seen 'fapping' on camera, as reported by some girls in the club later on. Here is one of those topics made by a girl who survived the ordeal.

Since then, many OC users have stated their fear for their beloved club; due to the demand for pictures of the scene, one of the onlookers might post them to gain their 15 minutes of fame. Several topics claiming OC is definitely going to be deleted have caused a huge amount of confusion among the members. Here are some of the posts I found explaining what happened in more detail.

One attention-seeking user has already popped up claiming that they were the naked man, as shown in the picture below.

Even though my gut tells me this will blow over and the Stardoll staff won't notice it, I do believe people will do crazy and irresponsible things for fame. Does this apply to the virtual world? Only time will tell.

In the mean time, have a great New Year's Eve. Let's try and make this year even better than 2011!
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Victoria (Daddysangel02)


  1. can i join this site and do stories

    1. That's not my area of expertise unfortunately. You'd have to check with Boo4Bettz on Stardoll about it. She's the owner of the blog and the Admin and she would have to give you permission to write for the blog and add you to it.
      Thank you very much for showing interest!