Monday, 5 December 2011

What Does Scutz Mean?

Hi everyone!
I'm back for round two.
This time, I decided to start in the club crush-advice, where there is no shortage of some teenagers with their minds in the gutter.
The first raunchy story I came across was self-titled by the author as 'when i had s#x for the first time(story)'.

For some reason, that provocative title and opening paragraph roped in an unexpected member to the audience...

This 13 year old with the username 'praisethelord98' says 'interesting... more please...'.
Is it just me, or is that just about the most ironic thing you've seen to date?
It looks like a bunch of other girls joined in and spammed the topic with messages of 'praise' for this story!

Unfortunately for the supporters of this tale, the owner appears to have abandoned the topic.
However, there are plenty of other sensual stories they can get their hands on, shown below.

With a username like that, I imagine that Lady.Luck.2011 has been getting VERY lucky lately.

If these erotic epics don't tickle your fancy, you can enroll in a Virtual Sxx School, established by a 14 year old, as shown below.

What school could be better--you can learn your ABCs, 123s, and STDS, all in the same place!
Here is one of the students you might be able to rendezvous with.

Hey, maybe there'll even be some hands on activities!
Secure your spot today--we all know the spaces are going quickly!

After seeing Terrible0ne's charming post in crush-advice, I decided to go to her suite and look around. Look who just recently visited her:

It's the one and only DOGGYSWEET from yesterday's post.
What a freaky coincidence, huh?
That isn't the only thing that's scary about Terrible0ne's sweet--check out her age in the picture below.

That detailed description of Terrible0ne's Sxx School persona came from a 14 year old girl?
After seeing what 12 year old DOGGYSWEET was capable of, I don't see this as much more of a shock.
It also didn't surprise me when I saw the disgusting topic Lady.Luck.2011 posted on crush-advice:

I guess I was right about Lady.Luck.2011 getting VERY lucky lately.

To wrap up this very interesting post, here is Lady.Luck.2011 giving the perfect description of everyone who has been featured:

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this post!

Until next time,
Victoria (Daddysangel02)


  1. 12, 13, 14? Not a surprise! They could be fakes but trust me, I'm guessing not.

  2. Lol, I actually can't believe the amount of weirdos there are on stardoll! And they seem to be getting younger...
    Great post btw I love your writing style :)

  3. @Avery: I agree. There are a lot of strange things that happen on Stardoll, but those are normal occurences, unfortunately.

    @Berfin: I know! It has gotten less and less, but a BIG portion of these 'millions of users' Stardoll has are fake accounts. You never really can tell how old someone is by the age on their account, but I reckon that the people on Stardoll doing these things are just bored kids/teens. Thank you so much! :)