Monday, 5 December 2011

Creeps, Players, & Hackers... Oh my!

Hi everyone!
My name is Victoria (aka Daddysangel02), and as Boo4Bettz, the lovely owner of this SD crime-busting blog has mentioned, I am a new writer!
Thank you for the warm welcome; I certainly needed it when braving the storm to find you all the latest Creeps, Players, & Hackers... Oh my!

It was actually a lot easier than I thought.
I logged into my Stardoll account, and right away, I got a lead. As I was sifting through my new Guestbook comments, I noticed a rather creepy broadcast:

Apparently, lolz.... said: come get me girls ;) !!! ... ... ****
Well, that fits two of my descriptions of the wackos in this post: Creep & Player.
lolz...., you have definitely earned your rightful place in the list of weirdos, hackers, & scammers over there (<<<<) somewhere. It doesn't stop there; take a look at this:

I'm single, but I'm certainly NOT ready to mingle.
Apparently, these girls are:

I think we've found a few cases of some VERY desperate ladies. Dare I say, their standard of men hit a new low when they begged him to be their boyfriend.

For more exchanges between attention deprived gals seeking out love in all the wrong places and this Stardoll user, visit him here.

You thought I was done there, didn't you?
Certainly not; the fun has just begun!

This next lunatic has taken us members of Problems_'s thoughts to the bathroom, as my mother often does during our conversations at dinner. Don't ask, and I won't tell; unlike this strange individual.
Here is his post with 'TMI', too much information.

I can understand why, man... I think I can smell it all the way through the computer...

I knew I had a first class oddball on my hands with this one, so I decided to peruse his guestbook and poke around in his suite.
What we got on our hands here is a not only a first class oddball, but the makings of a pedophile in adam_bakewell. Look at this:

This is part of an exchange where a girl gives out a little too much personal information, so I didn't want to show her post on the blog.

Luckily, she responded to him with this:

Phew! I was worried for her there. Smart choice to leave him high and dry of her personal information.
It looks like adam_bakewell has the same internet savvy; when a girl with the unassuming username of animals_rock4 asked him "how about you tell us so next time we go there we'll visit" in his guestbook, shown in this image:

Wow; a pedophile trying to track down a pedophile! That really made me lolz.... (see what I did there? ;])!

Of course, because I was intrigued by this animals_rock4 character, I just HAD to visit her suite.
What else is new, but the results of doing this being exactly the opposite of what I'd pictured, in a very scary way...

Take a look:

...what on earth did I just see?
These are just as sickeningly sweet...


What's even more disturbing to me is that her Guestbook is FILLED with months and months of the SAME roleplay, all where she uses the grammar of a child.

If you want to see the whole thing, click here to visit animals_rock4's suite, or shall I say, 'sweet'.

Even though I don't suggest it, you can visit, view, or even talk to adam_bakewell (if you dare) right here.

To find the grand finale of this post full of twisted users, I rifled through the club Problems_ to find this:

With my motherly instinct kicking in and problem-solving persona all geared up, I, of course, clicked on the topic, only to discover this:

She says " getting threatened by this guy on sd..saying if i dont tell him my password he will track me down ..... i dont know if i should be scared or not...right now im not....ppl . dont add hottay999,...its 4 ur own safety :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :("

How sickening! There's another hacker going after an innocent victim, who is, may I add, only 13 according to her age!

Seeing this, I, of course, did a little digging on hottay999, and took these:

In this, he appears to be only 10... is this a trend among hackers/scammers nowadays?
He's also a new member with only 17 starpoints; I wonder if this is one of many accounts he uses to hack people.

One thing's for sure, by the amount of people from Problems_ that said they're commenting in his Guestbook and reporting him, that account won't be around for long. Take a look at all the support she's gotten:

When I checked in his Guestbook to see how many people kept their promises, it looked like a ton of them came through. Take a look:

How sweet of those girls! But, really, what's up with that comment at the end?
I think she went TOO overboard while defending her friend, shown again here:

Look what creep didn't say no... a creep, hacker, and player? I think I hit the ultimate jackpot straight from the town of Loonyville!
After those quite lovely and proper comments from DOGGYSWEET, I decided to check out her suite.
The language I found wasn't so kosher, which is shown in the images below:

You wouldn't think a bunch of sweet cupcakes or a cute username would be on the same page as these two charming snippets from her presentation...

I wouldn't be too alarmed by this after all the Stardoll creepers I've seen throughout the years, but this all comes from a...

12 year old girl?!
To me, at least, that's a bit shocking... at 12, I was still playing with Barbie dolls.
Even though this girl obviously has a tough outer shell and a bit of a potty mouth, she's still alright with me, as she put this on her presentation:

If you can't see this, it mentions certain cruel Justin Bieber jokes (JB fans, don't enlarge) that I just happen to get a kick out of.
She also gained a little bit of my respect back when she said this:

Although offering to exploit herself to hottay999 over the internet wasn't the best decision, even jokingly, declining someone's offer to date her online was a good decision.
The fact that she was standing up for her friend, at the end of the day, makes me conclude that this girl is in fact not a creep, just a little eccentric.
Let's face it, though--who isn't?
On that note, let me share with you our picture that brings us to the happy ending of this post:

Thanks to all the help from the wonderful members of Problems_, this girl was able to save her account, be unafraid of a devious hacker, AND help me uncover the truth about hottay999. I'd say this is a successful post of Stardoll crime-busting fun!

You can visit DOGGYSWEET here and hottay999 here, if you choose to do so.

I'd also like to extend a BIG thank you to all the readers that are still following along--this was a HUGE post jam-packed with new creeps, players, and hackers, so I can understand a little bit of an information overload!

Thank you SO much for reading the blog, and follow us for more in-depth posts about all the weirdos on Stardoll!

Until next time,
Victoria (Daddysangel02)


  1. WOW! Probably most of these people have other accounts on stardoll too. Like superstar ones. A lot of things have happened to me like this. Once Stadoll Royalty member tried to get my friend to make her 'friend' on stardoll a superstar. Of course she said no, but of course the next day her friends account was 'hacked' and she was to blame. Okay that was random but it was an example of what some people do LOL.