Friday, 9 December 2011

Let's Get Physical!

Hello my dear readers!

My job on this blog is to report the truth about liars, scammers, hackers, and users who post inappropriate content on the site.
Today, I decided to take that job more seriously by interacting with some members who have looser morals than myself.

Through a number of clicks, I found myself at 16 year old's suite.
After seeing a rather romantic room (minus the ghost in the corner), I was inclined to check out the only other open room, his main room.
I shouldn't have been surprised to see this one was also optimized for 'getting busy'.
Surrounded by a field of cupcakes from past lovers was a luxurious bed to be used in some rather steamy suite chats.
Both of these rooms are shown in the pictures below.

Wondering what kind of kinky clothing his closet sported, I opened it up to see a rather bare-boned wardrobe. I guess the kind of things he'll be doing on Stardoll don't require much clothing at all.

If I'm going to make an advance on the lad, I thought, I've got to at least know a little bit about him.
I scrolled down to his presentation and was slightly shocked by the vivid fantasies he described in it, specifically number 11.
There were also two other options; all of the above or none of the above, which were cut off from the image.
Click to enlarge.

The second half of his presentation featured exactly what I was looking for, with the rather degrading statement about his favorite gender: 'FEMALE'.

Well, at least that gives me an advantage, because I'm terrible at creating pick-up lines.
Drawing inspiration from the questions he had in his presentation, I dared to be different.
This is the message I sent him in his Guestbook.

I thought that would be rather enticing to this charming young man.
My well thought out advance wasn't as well received as I'd hoped, though.

Obviously what this boy gained in player-like tendencies he lost in intelligence.
Me, not being one to give up, tried again with this sensual retort.

Since he's probably rendezvousing with one of his many female friends, I'll have to wait for a reply, which means this post is: