Sunday, 4 December 2011


hey luvs
how is everyone doin?
iv had a few complaints from readers that there are not enough new posts on the blog as you all know im soooooooo busy with college i just havent had time and the other writers all have lives too lol BUT i have a NEW WRITER joining the blog!!
One of my long time and trusted friends the lovely DaddysAngel02 !
Im sure she will be able to help with more posting and news 4 ya all!! I have a couple of weeks left then i leave 4 xmas holidays so ill be able 2 post more then!!
I hope everyone will make DaddysAngel02 feel very welcome to TheUglySideofStardoll and i cant wait to see her posts


  1. I'm really sorry if my earlier comment was rude ( it wasn't meant to be :) ) Congrats, DaddysAngel02! I'm really looking forward to your first post!!

    P.S: I know what it's like to be buried in schoolwork!!!

  2. Thank you so much!
    I'm really excited to start posting :]