Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy new year!!

Hey guys n gals!
Just a quick post to say happy new year!
I have new stuff 2 post 4 ya but since i got my new laptop i havent been able 2 get it printscreen? my old laptop worked fine but on this 1 i press it and nothing happens?? if anyone has any ideas whats wrong or what i can do please let me know!!

But anyway i just wanted 2 say thanx to everyone who is still reading the blog as its been going for over 2 years now! so thanx again and hope everyone has had a fab xmas n has a great new year!!
From all your writers here at The Ugly Side of Stardoll


  1. Did you press the button that says "FN" and "insert/printscreen"?

  2. If I were you Boo I would use the Snippy Screengrab program or sometimes it goes by another name, I use it if you still can't get your printscreen to work then I can help you with that if ya want :) Basically it just cuts part of your screen out and saves it so you don't need to crop or anything.

  3. Star8817 - you genius you!!!
    Hahah thanx so much it worked with the FN thing i never even knew that exsisted till now! haha thanx so much!! n thanx missy loob3 where ya been???? lol xoxo