Sunday, 1 February 2009

please read!!!

i had an email earlier this week from a very good friend of mine DKNYandHB with sum sickenin news!
she had followed this awful girls gb comment (iv blanked it as i dont want others 2 try it) . . then someone somehow went into her account n stole 9 PAGES OF HER CLOTHES!!! they were all sold 2 a member on stardoll! (not the same girl tho?!?) the account was shut down pretty quick thankfully! but it woz 2 late 4 her n gawd knows how many others! she has lost everything! iv followed links before but NEVER AGAIN!
the moral of the story is DO NOT TRY ANY LINKS GIVEN OUT!!
n ill say it again n again REMEMBER IF IT SEEMS 2 GOOD 2 BE TRUE THEN IT USUALLY IS!


  1. OMG I wasn't expecting that hacking came to this level!!!!

    This is way too far!!!! OMG!!!

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  3. Yeah,I just got the same message in my guestbook.
    The person who sent me the message was:shinybunny

  4. Cheats dont work and i turely feel sorry for those who fall for the damn scammers :/

    lol :)


  5. omg that happend to she sent me that and i did it but then i didnt work so i was ganna reply to her but it was gone so i was like waht? so i painked and changed m password quick then i saw on some1s prez that they have been hacked (pamiiiiiiii) and i was soo relived that i changed my password