Sunday, 27 December 2009


Obvoiusly the girl shouldnt be doing this but maybe if stardoll didnt put the word "FREE" in the broadcast choices then she wouldnt be able 2 write this!
Cause well honestly since when has anythin on stardoll been FREE . . . . .
& wile im avin a moan about the broadcast does any one no where the words
Banana, cream, pants & tube come into stardoll's "fame fashion & friends" theme? The only things they are used for in the broadcast is usually the late night filth messages! Stardoll are just asking for problems!!!


  1. Uh, I dnt want 2 sounf all teachr-like, but ther actualy ARE free SDs! If u get 10pts, u get a mnth of SS... Its pretty kwl actually!
    xx teen_roxtar

  2. Yeah I agree with u they shouldn't put these words there!!! well I've only seen free 25 sd 4 x mas and 10sd for connecting with ur facebook and no such thing anyone will put it in there presentation!

  3. I don't get why they "put words" in the first place. Child safe my cushions, they should just *-out the truly bad words and leave the rest to user discretion, like ALL other websites. When you're older than 8, StarDoll has a skill to offend your intelligence.

    Also, "feel FREE to check out..." is still nicer to click on than "GO CHECK!".

    I don't see the problem some people have. Instead of screaming for more brainless censorship (I can't write ANIMALS in comments on pics about animals, how can "animals" ever be offensive?), why don't users use that nifty little Report icon a little more?
    Another time, I was complaining about the lack of respect for FEMALE curves in an outfit, and they *** out "female". Okay, I guess we're all genderless.

    Please, for chrissake, not MORE censorship! If StarDoll can provide skanky outfits only 40-year-old prostitutes would wear in real life to earn 2 extra bucks, they can allow users to speak like adults, too. Or at least, in complete sentences but even that has become difficult.

  4. Yeaah, Stardoll is asking for trouble when they put these words in.

  5. i disagree. we don't have to blame stardoll for this. i mean.. these hackers use the word for wrong meaning