Tuesday, 15 December 2009


I live in england & was a very happy bunny wen sd announced they were bringing 6 month & 12 months codes here!
My fiancee went out & got me 1 & when i put it in it came up as 1 MONTH & 250SDS for £5!
I wrote to them & explained to which they replied
"You purchsed a coinstar code 4 1 month & 250sds blah blah blah"
But my point is . .
They said they were only bringing 6 & 12 months codes here NOTHING about these "coinstar codes" & even on the card itself there was NOTHING to say what kind the card is! No how many months or even how may stardollars!!
This is false advertisement & im personally furious! They think they can trick us by telling us 1 thing then we cant find out what the card is UNTIL WE HAVE USED IT!!! When its to late!!!
I just wanted 2 no wot everyone else thinks about this & if anyone else has had problems with payment??

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  1. Well, I've become mad for another aspect of Stardoll scamming us. I'm Hungarian, and they, without indicating this in any ways, decreased the time someone can be a SS... and stayed the same price with more or less the same money...