Saturday, 23 April 2011

Not The Right Advert For A Kids Site?!?

Hola everyone, well you may remember a while ago someone sent Boo a picture of an advert on Stardoll showing a lady's rear end, which we all discussed was not the greatest thing to post on a site mostly used by kids. Well, I was on Stardoll earlier and came across this....

For those of you who don't know, Jackass is an adults film (I've never watched it myself but I know what the films are about because my 21-year-old cousin told me) and this one looks ruder than ever, seeing the 'unrated' part on the ad. So, as I was saying, Stardoll is a KIDS website and yet Stardoll staff let someone advertise a rated 18 film on there, more importantly with a link to the film so anyone can watch it? Who knows what could be on it. I think Stardoll should get a new advert filterer lol :)

Loob3 :) x

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  1. Hey loob3! Congratulations on getting the job of writing at the Ugly Side (:
    Your already an awesome writer.
    LOL Anyway I've found some pervs on Stardoll, the links are below:!

    i'd love if you could post them.
    Btw my name on Stardoll is shewasonceit.