Sunday, 7 August 2011

Trophy Scammer + more!

Kapow! The trophy scammer after all is not a trophy scammer! Yeah, and a very big thanks to panda699 for lending me effie1011 who did get a game trophy! Well the trophy giver is called miss.chasi but i would advise if you want one, maybe not be a superstar and have 500 starpoints but still be careful with these kind of people, one account cant prove much.

Any way i have some more things i gathered in my time so yeah, enjoy! :)

How can you possibly be a royalty when you've not join the club? im a bit confused....

Ok stardoll officially this we're dumb shits, what kind of a question is that?

Its not to me but to someone elts

Andddd the best till last! Remember the 11 year old stripper? 

Well apparently she likes to play games ;)

haha tricked you :D

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