Friday, 15 October 2010

Enough to make me peed off!!

Right now before i start my rant (which im sure it could end up being) I would like to say before i get looads of comments moaning about it . .
TO DO A MAKEOVER YOU DO NOT NEED A PASSWORD!!!!!! (i do them on my other blog ALL the time & refuse to ever take anyones pass!!! even when they ask me 2!!!)
As far as im concerned AND so is stardoll that is attempting to hack!!!
So here is something i think people need to see . .
This lovely girl was asked if she wanted a makeover but only for her password & nickname, when she replied no & i will be reporting you for asking this then happened . . . Now im all for sticking up for your friends, you need to on sd!!! but DONT TRY 2 STICK UP FOR A HACKER you will never get far on stardoll with "friends" like that!
This lovely girl was 1 tough cookie and really stood up for herself! which is 2 dam right!! I wish everyone else on stardoll would do this & all i can say is YOU GO GIRL!

But i also want to say to mickiemousie280, shyflorence, MaryKateperson, j.lee346 & ParrotKite (yes thats right i have named & shamed you! which as all the readers know i would never normally do as i suppose "technically" they havent done anything wrong) That as far as im concerned you are just as bad as she is for harrassing her for NOT giving out her password to HER OWN account!!! How dare you make her feel bad for that!!! Maybe you should try being friends with some of decent people on stardoll instead of making friends with someone like that & ending up on here! You should ashamed of yourselves!

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  1. Your right Boo, u don't need a pass to do a makeover. Those people have no idea, they only know of 'permanent' makeovers, which totally mess up ur doll if u don't like it and can risk ur account cuzz of the passwords. So, as always, i'm with u ;)