Thursday, 7 October 2010

It Occured To Me..

It ocurred to me that I should actually be reporting people.. Haha. I guess I thought that posting would fill my community service quota. I GUESS NOT. Hey, here's an idea, help me out? Please? I'll finish my ranting now.. So we've got our lovely friend ghghghghg3 who is back in town to finish up his/her dirty work. Alright, well, heres my response.. I blocked you from contacting me. Herrrrrrrrr. So if you're getting nasty messages, girls and guys, just block 'em for future reference.

Okay. Okay. Byyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


  1. HAHA i like that-block em for future reference ;P

    This girl kept on spamming my chat, and in the end she started calling me names, it came out as *** but I guess you could think of something to go into there!
    And yet, another sicko:
    It seems I can't log in without at least seeing 1-4 perves..... *shudders*

  3. I was talking to my friend Mant__* when I saw this:
    Poor Mantie! She has to put up with sickos like this I guess D:

  4. OMG!
    Compared to racism, preves are alrigth: