Sunday, 24 October 2010

Here's An Idea, Get OVER YOURSELF.

Once again I find myself staring at my computer screen typing. Although I can't say I am totally unhappy with being here, but I am bummed. The sun went under the clouds, the sky is gloomy, my back hurts, and I feel sick to my stomach because cranberry juice isn't working with me right now. So let's make this simple, before all these pervs make me throw up. My cranberry juice is already on the verge of doing that, so let's make this short and sweet so I can go to the mall tonight. Augh, where's my asprin?

Hm. Good for you. But don't you think this is rather bothersome to most of us? That's why I don't just add random people to my friends list. For very good reason, ofcourse.

Well obviously somebody's been hanging out with the wrong people. But obviously this person got quite a bit of rebuttal, huh?

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  1. thank 4 posting but wont go big