Sunday, 24 October 2010

Just a quick thanx . .

Ello gals just wanted to say thankyoo for ALL the hackers/scammers/weirdos/loonys/nutjobs/pervs/creeps etc etc that you all keep sending!!! Its great to know you all keep an eye out 4 em n send em on to me or iswim19 to be posted!
Just wanted to let people know if you have sent me items which have not yet been posted there are reasons why . . .
* They are on my desktop SOMEWHERE waiting to be posted, and i will try n get 2 em asap! (my WHOLE desktop is covered in hacker pics lol)
* There just isnt enough 2 warrant posting them on here (BUT i always keep an eye on em if i dont have enough as they always mess up in the end!)
So thankyou again & as always thankyou for reading the blog!
Also its GREAT to see more commenters! Love to hear your thoughts on the posts!
Boo & Iswim19


  1. found some freaks again

  2. creep

  3. here's more

  4. Love your blogs Boo! Dont stop wrighting them!
    Oh, and btw im penguinwoo I realised that I can comment!


    I done her a presentation before, and someone asked her for a makeover and she approved, now I am not sure if it was her or maybe the person who was doing her makeover and hacked her and done it, but I am not sure. So yeah, her nickname is SPARKLEL0L

    I feel really sad, because I used my favourite fonts to make her a presentation, and now she's being a weirdo...I just don't know what to do.

  6. It's LeiVien06 again!
    A good friend of mine is getting REALLY annoyed with this "girl".
    I'll show you:

    It's pretty annoying. This user has been saying things like "You don't act like an Asian!" It's downright rude and annoying!

  7. u might wanna check out this account on stardoll