Friday, 18 February 2011


Hey luvvies just a quick message! Sorry for not posting BUT i have nothing 2 post!!!! WOW have all stardoll hackers gone good?? hehe i doubt it maybe they on holiday!! Anyway just letting everyone know i havent forgot about ya all n ill hopefully have more hackers n scammers 4 ya soon!
ALSO im on the lookout for a NEW WRITER . . maybe 2 . . . !!!

* How to use blogger
* How to edit simple pictures (nothing fancy)
* A witty writing style
* A thick skin (as you will get alot of hassle!)
* Common sense lol
* Good researching skills (checking out storys u get from people)

Absolute must is just someone who wont let me down & is of course a regular stardoll user & blog/club reader!

Just send me a sample post on stardoll (either just a message or if pics please use tinypic)
Thanx so much!


  1. I will do it :D
    I always wanted to write for this blog xD

  2. I will :D I'm a writer on a blog since last x-mas :D

  3. I can do it =)
    If you want to see my writing style, check out my blog:
    I have been reading this blog ever since, and I would love to write for it!

  4. Hey!
    I would like to apply for a job as a writer on this blog! I write for 3 Blogs: , and , I also write own my own blog . I am a very reliable person, I post daily and a yeah... If you need to contact me my Stardoll Username is dbc202 and my e-mail is

  5. Hello :)
    *I love this blog! Really really helpful! So, I would love to write for this blog!
    *I read so many blogs everyday, and write for one.
    *The blog I write for is
    So I know how to use blogspot :) And I am planing to make a blog of my own. Planning what it should be called and etc.
    *I can handle anything that comes from writing for the blog!
    *I am trustworthy. You can ask any of my stardoll friends. And I will post at anytime, maybe not if I am ill.

    Please choose me! When you need to contact me, my username on stardoll is .Anti.Dot. (those periods . are part of the user) :) I will give you any other info (e-mail) if/when you need it.

  6. *My username on Stardoll is shewasonceit.
    *My reading time on blogs vary but I check them every two days or so.
    I enjoy writing and would say I'm good at it. I enjoy Stardoll as well and personally know girls who have been hacked and think The Ugly Side of Stardoll is great as an iniative to warn unsuspecting, innocent girls about the disgusting hackers and scammers on Stardoll.
    *I used to work on my sister's blog called StardollGiveaways until she decided to delete it as the amount of spam she was receiving. -.-
    * I know hacking is a criminal offence and I would NEVER do it!! Plus, what would possess anyone to do it, I mean, seriously!
    *I know how to PrintScreen, Paint, TinyPic and use Blogger and edit things out, etc.
    *I am twelve years old and read heaps of blogs. I have many personal blogs about me and have experience in Stardoll, I would be honored if I was chosen as a writer for The Ugly Side of Stardoll! :)

  7. My username: cherryboom30

    I know how to use blogger as i have a blog
    Read my blog to know my style.

    Editing skills :

    and i love this blog, Thanks.

  8. hi , i am the owner of blog : , i am a great designer , NOT GRAPHIC DESIGNER ,and i would like to be writer for this blog ...

  9. I would like to be a writer & if I am one, I would check the chat box everyday (if anyone wrote anything important), check the comments & write often. I'm very random & I'm not that good at editing printscreens since I use paint, so yeah. :) I'm the owner for & we don't really post about hacker's & stuff just about the latest Stardoll news & all the stuff.

  10. Stardoll name: Princess_Dumini
    I would LOVE to be a writer! I go on this blog ALL the time! I have my own blog!

  11. :D You've already seen my writing and editing, I can be less fancy if you wish(; You can see more samples on my blog, which should be on my blogger profile :D I really hope you consider me as a writer, my stardoll dream has never been to become covergirl, but to write for your blog(: Thanks, ybother45 x

  12. I'm hermion99. My blog is I love this blog and am on stardoll everyday. I am reliable, hardworking and a good bit of fun =] I'd love to be able to help sort out peoples problems here, and won't mind if I get 100 bad comments about me. I can work tinypic and can print screen. I am easy to work with and am flexible to whatever suits you.

  13. Not a nice person:

    And I'd love to write. I can show you my writing styles :]

  14. omgosh! I'd love to write for your blog; except i don't use blogger & I guess you've already got enough people, righht?

  15. I could do it I may be relatively young (twelve) but I have very thick skin. I have wrote for but I quit because the blog and owner were no longer active. I absolutely love this blog and recently my friend has been being harrassed by two girls on stardoll which two of them made fake accounts pretending to be her so I've been giving her advice. I am also sarcastic and have a good sense of humour. I can calmly deal (and laugh) at the sort of people (not the hackers) you write about because it really is quite funny. I'm SIMS2BABExXx7

  16. Hey Boo! I'm not desperately running at the chance to write for this blog (I'd rather write for the fashion side really as I enjoy talking about fashion more than hackers to be honest) but if u ever need me, just ask okay?
    And I found a weirdo the other day, wanted to give me 10,000 stardollars for free and I didn't even know who she was! I told her a fake pass in the end and she still didn't give in lol xD But she still wanted to be friends with me and I have to say maybe I was a little teeny weeny bit too harsh on her but why did she still like me? Anyway, here's a pic of me telling her the fake password. I know it's not much proof or anything but I was enjoying myself so much I forgot to snip the right part. But oh well, here it is:
    You might laugh at what I put but she honestly thought it was real xD

  17. Me? Cathy2889
    I know a lot about this kind of stuff and being in MSW we get a lot of comments and tinypics of proof.
    Also I have thick skin. I dont care about what People comment toward me their just comments that should Be ignored the people who say bad things are just jealous of what they dont have.
    ♥Cathy2889 Please consider me

  18. Hello! I'm halobecky! I own and i have a looot of blog writing background. I no longer write for other blogs because my own has taken preference but now i would love to write for a blog again. If you pick me i will work very hard and post whenever i have had a tip off/found out something. I get over 40 visitors per day so my advertisments will be very succesful. I have a very thick skin and i really get over things quickly and i am very stern and i find it simple with dealing with people who don't follow the rules. I have loads to offer here so please consider me. My stardoll name is halobecky and please contact me via my stardoll guestbook or by message x becky

  19. Hei, do you still need a writer ? *.*
    I know how to screen print.
    My english its quite good.
    I know spanish, portuguese and a bit of french.
    I know a lot of places where pervs talk. Belive it's not pretty O.o
    More information: MissyStar24