Saturday, 14 August 2010

Ok let me try n straighten some stuff out . .

Ok well im not quite sure where to start but lets see . .
So there is huge drama here on the blog at the moment which as you all know, even doing this blog i hate drama but i will try my best to explain . .

The story -

Sierra aka iswim19 posted a girl (no names need even be mentioned) asking for someones password to do a makeover to which we then had ALOT of people writing and complaining about . .
Now i have a few points to make . .

1st - The post was NOT found by iswim19 it was acctually sent from another anonymous reader who was worried after seeing her asking for a password & iswim19 did the exact same thing i would have done which would be 2 post it of course!
2nd - Stardoll is so bad now that ANYONE asking for someones password is enough for everyone to think that person is a hacker! So just asking (weather your intentions are good or not) your just asking for trouble!
3rd - To do a makeover you DO NOT NEED their password!! (Visit my other blog The Fashion Side of Stardoll to see how tinypic makeovers work just the same!)
4th - The one thing i ALWAYS do on this blog is give everyone a second chance to explain if they want 2! So maybe this would have been alot easier if the girl in question had come right to me & tryed to talk 2 me which i would of happily done instead of sending alot of foul mouthed young girls 2 hurl abuse as us!!! I always say if you make the mess you have to clear it up!!
5th - Without sierra (iswim19) this blog may very well have shut down as i just didnt have the time! And she was just doing her job on this blog!

Our job here on the blog is to help people!! Simple as that!
Most of the posts we put on the blog are sent from other worried stardoll users which is the whole point!! We are NOT here to point fingers at anyone just to help the girls on stardoll as much as we can!!
So from now on instead of hurling abuse at us for doing what has always been done on this blog try & acctually talk to us & that way it would NEVER ended up being blown into some ridiculous childish drama!!!
Finally i want to say sorry to everyone caught up in this mess hopefully people can grow up & see we are just doing what this blog is about NOT trying to cause trouble!!

Im not saying she is a hacker or isnt but the point im trying to make . . Is it really worth RISKING your account & everything on it for a makeover or presentation when you can just be original & do it yourself!


  1. Your Doing A Great Job Sierra.

    PLEASE Help Sierra Out!

  2. Don't worry about it; you're doing an awesome job. I think this blog is really useful!

  3. everything u said is right except for one of them because i know how tinypic makeover works but some people want it permenant