Monday, 9 August 2010

With All This Crap, We Still Stay..

Ah, my favorite post, after my least favorite. The classic hacker fake-out. When a hacker [or an 8 year old] decides that since "mommy" won't let her get a superstar, why not steal another girls'? After all, they're all pixels.. Then she finds out life isn't so sugary sweet and she could be arrested [seriously, a guy on YoVille on Facebook got arrested and is jailed for 5 years for stealing some pixels virtual dollars.] And he was only 14. So she freaks, and makes up lame excuse. Fortunately, The Ugly Side is here to expose.

Haha, no , I'm kidding. ;]
But I wonder, WHAT was this hacker thinking?

I'm watching you.
xoxo, ~S.
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And I wonder if this "taylor fan1234" is a Taylor Swift or a Taylor Lautner fan. If soooo.. what are celebs teaching children these days? Obviously not virtuous qualities..

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