Sunday, 29 August 2010

Vicki95 - TARGETED!

Speaking of anonymous users..  Apparently they are giving away that vicki95 will be featured in the new Playboy Magazine [Stardoll version]. If you found that quite sick.. try this one on. If you remember what happened to .Marcela.., this is basically the same thing.

Apparently vicki95's 'Playboy' spread.. who knows?

 Ew. Ew. and, um, Ew?

It has also come into my attention that (H) (O) (A) (X) is underlined. Is this for real or some sick joke? And it is possible that vicki95 created this for publicity?


  1. The girls nickname is style_rave

  2. TAKE this of please! and no im not going to be in the playboy magazine , never! this is just sick :(

  3. hmm... if u look in style_rave's guestbook vicki95 is telling style_rave to NOT put her in her stupid playboy-mag, and now we have THIS.....VERY interseting