Saturday, 14 August 2010

Aight, I have no problem.

To all of the straight up honest girls, remember on SMW when Jenna posted how all of these people were hiding behind anonymous names over the Kristen and Eliza hack / mistake feud? Well, over the smallest post somebody's actual Ugly Side has come out - excuse my terminology. Ok, so I understand people hate me. And I don't mind being called a bitch by pixels. Oh, and here's your proof.


Okay, criticize me, but not my work.

a) Have you ever read my blog? I certainly don't believe that I have done anything wrong. Say, maybe the name is a bit trite, but it's catchy. Also I don't post filthy gossip about who's virtually dating who and so and so. I advertise magazines like VaniTEEN and StyleDegree, post interviews with elites such as Miss_LolitaF and M_Themis, and I get asked to do interviews on a daily basis. So I don't know what's up in your head, anonymous.

b) Tell me straightup. COME TO MY GUESTBOOK and flippin tell me what I've done wrong, and WHY YOU HATE MY BLOG. Just don't hide in the dark, that's going to do either of us no good.

secondly, don't call me a bitch when you're the one who's cursing the inappropriate language. im going to assume anonymous is the same person right now, since its' under the same "user."

And what the hell is this?

Just back off. 

I'm not going to point fingers at anybody though. And emac25, I don't know if you're the one behind all of this drama, but if you are, just stop your harrasment.

BOO AND I abide by the golden rule. Treat us the way you want to be treated. And as of now, I'm not feeling so friendly. Just letting it out there.

And to the people who weren't part of this; I'm truly sorry. I just had to ventilate.

xoxo, your bitch,
Sierra [iswim19] ;)  

Oh, and I'm doing this probono. I'm assuming this word starts with a f and ends with a k. bring it on.


  1. Grow up. You've gone too far. This isn't even your blog. Ignore the bad comments and shut up

  2. The HELL I will. AND ~ I'm going to find real proof.

  3. Sorry?
    Did I do something wrong?
    I think I told you the truth.
    I think that I should deserve something more than being called a bitch by you without writing on your blog?
    Boo, I am a big fan of you.. but this is probably shit.
    This is not a drama blog.
    please tell Swim to stop being to stupid,be so 'serious' and pretend like she's 16.
    I think you are only loosing followers.
    And if it''s not your business - then i won't mind.
    Just - save your blog.

  4. And honestly, I am the anonymous here.. because I don't show off my nickname. these are only few posts I have made.
    And btw, Miss_LolitaF is not an elite.
    She's just a one hit wonder.

  5. Hey you're talking about me :) I feel royal xx