Monday, 9 August 2010

We All Know..

So, honestly, I can't quite figure out these people. I mean, what do they want? If you're gonna hack / scam, atleast make it less obvious, it'll be more fun for us to crack your case cold open. But honestly, this doesn't even make any theoretical sense!! I mean, come on, is kind of an obvi username, if you know anything about Stardoll.. Let alone the fact you straight-up asked for the password AND you said that you need it. Haha. Get a grip. Not just on life. But on the world.

And people, one more thing..
 Stop Flooding Boo's guestbook!!
Hey, send me some dirt?!

Find me under iswim19 on Stardoll.

I'm watching you.
xoxo, ~ S 
And shoutout to the person,
Who is LIKING all of my posts,
and rating. 



  1. These people are so boring and stupid! why don't they try to improve their accounts instead of trying to steal other's.

  2. I agree with Galaxina it's as if they dont have a life and thats sooo sad !

    ~ Doubledutchdiva