Friday, 13 August 2010

Thank you..

I have to say, after all of the scum started posting crap about this blog on my last post, well, in my defense, emac25 could have;

a) Come to me and give me proof she isn't a hacker. 
b) Tell me nicely instead of cussing her head off.

When you use nice words people will respond back nicely. True word and word. Honestly, do you need somebody "else" to tell me that you're safe and not give me through and through proof? References..? More than one? Please come to me if you've got proof.

And now somebody sent me this.. anonymous, of course, because maybe another one will come to them and threaten them? Honestly? IF YOU are SAFE, then, you wouldn't have to go to these measures. Hopefully everybody has learned something from this controversy.


  1. This was turned into such a huge drama over nothing!
    The bare facts are that if the girl was not asking for passwords to do makeovers none of this would have happened!
    Also the cursing your head off will get you nowhere!! Be polite & us writers here on the blog will ALWAYS be polite back!

  2. Ohh Loll that was my post!! Im sorry but i cant become a follower!! My computer is really messed up at the moment,,but anyway,my stardoll name is Supermiley10!!