Friday, 8 May 2009

stardoll becomes . . CHEATERS??????

Ok well if u meet a "boyfriend" on stardoll u can pretty much guess it aint 4 real . . . . but wtf?!?!
this guy is writing 2 his "girlfriend" tellin her he loves her yada ya ya . . n then hes written 2 me & another girl sayin how pretty we r etc n hed like us 2 be his girlfriend?!?!?! ermmmm leme think bout that 4 a min . . . . .NOOOOOO!!!!!


  1. Cheesy... He certianly got that name right and it could possibly be a girl ya never no :S

  2. OMG i just lol'd i had to go have a look and her says the same thing to loads of girls theres a girl after you who asks what r you sorry for and he dosnt even bother to re-type his reply to you he just says and i quote 'um, yeah, im sorry cuzz....
    read mah reply 2 her.'
    xD some people dont alf av a cheek!

  3. why the fk would u date on stardol anyway?