Saturday, 23 July 2011

Some Dirty Delinquents (Whatever That Means.....)

Hi guys. I'm gonna have to make a new banner soon, aren't I? 

Well, as usual, I have some stuff to show you. Here it is;

   This is a glitch. There is no Covergirl me-doll and....two books? WTF?


She's not talking to me. But she is talking to some poor sod. 

 Hi there.....someone needs a facelift.

 That goddamn idiotic retarded moofaced ugly nasty gay scary nipple tassel weirdo needs to move thy arse off our site. ASAP. Please. 

Auf wiedersehn mon amies :D xx Loob3 (The one who isn't actually that fluent in French OR German...) 


  1. The tassel thing gets me every time xD

  2. o.m.g the nip's mede me LOL love the blog <3