Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Ok so i have been a baddie today (no one hate me) and after reading Welchies post i felt horrible about the fashion side soooooo, have gone and made a 'copy' of it :| (boo dont hate me!) i just thought it would be too much of a waste to just leave an amazing blog! so if you guys want to visit it i change the name a tiny bit : http://thefashionsideofsd.blogspot.com/  and it has a new theme/look and if all the previous writers want to contact me so i can add you back to write and give me a bit of info on the blog since i didnt pay that much attention to it.
Anyway since im writing now i'll post some idiots and a glitch:
The swim suite on the left had writing under the heart and the one on the right does not

Im so tired of these beeps advertising, no one gives a fuck! piss off!

On other sides, hope to post soon!
P.S. there is a new chat thing at the top so enjoy :)



  1. Well, it's not as bad a what you everywhere! I don't appreciate you trying to make a mockery of me on your website. I didn't even send this to you.. So, um, shuup? After all, it's one friend request and it was aages ago. Ever heard. Build a bridge and get over it? Well... Nice knowing you -.-' no, this isn't an over-reaction. You try being on the receiving end. I wonder if stardoll knows about this website?......

  2. Please be quiet. Your opinion isn't going to change anything now. So you 'shuup'. Its not like we're calling you a criminal, is it? We just want people to stop sending spam, and you were an example. So leave pinkbg alone.