Saturday, 30 July 2011

Hello people i can now see you clear with my eyes, lol, i sadly only a few baboonz in a cage for you today (that is probably the weirdest thing i've ever said)

im personally fed up of these bitches going up to my friends asking why are they dressed as girls or why are they gay or something, have you nothing better to do in your life? 

i iz have the same thing as welchie, but people take a look were it says horny and cock (lol) i can see a little mark thingy in the middle, maybe thats the swear code or something? and how can you possible be -1 years old? stardoll need to check out some of their members....


  1. sorry people i forgot to put a title :S

  2. @pinkbg Its ok. I shall improvise on a title. Lets call it Horny Hobos (Because I couldn't think of anything else.)