Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Attack of the Anonymous

I'm sure most of you who've been here long enough to know me are sick of me saying "I'm coming back, I'm coming back." I've had too many comebacks on this blog for my own good, but here's me saying that I will post when I have time outside from my main projects. I'd love to say this blog is of my main priority- but it isn't.

Another thing I'd like to address before I get on with my title statement is that people have been calling me a hacker. First of all, I'm a writer on this blog, not a hacker. Secondly, I have rares because I bought them with cash. Finally, if you're so sure I hacked, where's the proof, and what did I steal? I have references for all of my items.

Now, onto my story. What is with these anonymousies recently? Anonymous people saying shit.. That isn't true. It's people with not enough balls to use their Blogger account. Got a problem? Use your blogger account - now that's growing some balls.



  1. Hey there, welcome back! Good to know your still with us :) By the way, there's a girl I know on Twitter called Sierra, she's American and she works for a Justin Bieber fanpage (LOL I hope you don't find that an insult if its not you) I was wondering, is that you? Because I don't think Sierra's a very popular name :) x Please tell me!

  2. Nope sorry that's not me.. The names not popular but I'm not the only one in America called Sierra its quite a big country.

  3. y does everybody say grow some balls how about growing some vagina those things take a pounding!