Friday, 29 July 2011

Its Official. Stardoll Think We're Idiots.

Hello there everyone. I'm a bit sad to see that my post from yesterday hasn't been commented on yet, but oh well. I mean, I thought we were improving on the commenting guys? I need someone to comment on it NOW. Or I'll do something crazy. Like set a fully-functional Dell laptop on fire with a piece of tuna.

Anyway, time to spill the beans. The Heinz beans. Yum.
Well, you know Stardoll do them stupid poll things on the main page? Well, look at today's poll; (Sorry I gave you the answer by the way);

Ana. Frickin'. Banana.

Look Stardoll, I know we have plenty of dumbass 3-year-olds with no common sense on your site, but please, just listen to this: WE ARE NOT THAT THICK. WE HAZ BRAINZ.
I mean, come on, the question could just be that teeny weeny itsy bitsy bit harder? Just for entertainments sake? 

PLEASE leave a comment on this post. Or honestly, I will set my laptop on fire with a piece of tuna. Smoked tuna to be precise. Mum's got some in the freezer. So, comment, or fire. Your pick. Just remember, if my laptop gets burnt to death, I won't be able to post anything ever again. SO PLEASE! LEAVE A COMMENT, PEOPLE! SAVE WELCHIE'S LAPTOP!

P.S Its shocking that people actually thought that Ana Banana was the correct answer. If it was correct, I would have deep sympathy for that girl and pray everyday for someone to change her name. Because calling your daughter Ana Banana is just barbaric.
Loob3 x :D


  1. i know! stardoll is getting stuffed up! with this scandal the servers shut down in australia ur so right!

  2. pff...x'DD Ana banana...!
    They do nearly always one stupid answer..! ^o^
    And the worst is that many people click on that answer..(like me! xD)
    And how can u set a laptop on fire with tuna?

  3. Mmm smoked tuna(:
    Does Stardoll think we're a bunch of people with pea-sized brains? Baah haa ana banana :D

  4. @Ladyletshavefun You have to do it The Welchie Way™.