Saturday, 9 July 2011

Ooo i would love 2 make it my personal mission 2 get this DIRTY RAT permanently removed from stardoll!!!

So i know anyone who has been reading this blog 4 a while will know the name MIZZMILEYCYRUS9 . .
This fluffing tramp has been trying to hack people with my account 4 a long time & well doing anything she can 2 ruin stardoll for everyone who gets within 10 feet of her (WE THOUGHT IT WAS A "HER", ITS SUDDENLY A 11 BOY APPARENTLY?!? LOL)
But anyway here are a few of her OLD tricks iv been holding onto 4 a while after she/he/it promised she wudnt keep hacking etc . . I knew i wud need em . .

(click pic to zoom in)
Then today i got another friend request asking "if my account really was for sale could she have it?" Well i didnt even need 2 think 4 a second to know who that was . . then shock horror look what i found in the maggots gb . . . .
(click pic to zoom in)
This really does show a leopard never changes its spots . .
AND the best part he/she/it was deleted from stardoll & they let her come back!!! Talk about bad judgement!!!
This 1 needs its ass kicked off stardoll so fluffing hard she will feel it next week, from the inside of its padded cell! Which if it doesnt have a wing named after em in a nut house, im sure 1 day it will have!


  1. i completely agree! i will get people to block and announce her/his bad presence on stardoll.

  2. Hahaha!! xD He/she/whatever had to be banned for ever!! Soo baad!!
    But when i click on the pics they wont zoom! :( I cant read that!!

  3. It wont zoom for me either :L