Thursday, 16 September 2010

Wow . . .

Well what can i say!?! I have a great reputation for being safe on stardoll & i spend all my time on stardoll digging out hackers! These hackers that i name & shame really have nothing better 2 do than 2 try n tell people im a hacker?!? Pot . . . kettle . . black anyone? Hmmm some low life hacker i posted on here must have a friend . . .
P.s if they could tell me where exactly i could fit in time to hack someone id be very grateful as i barely have time 2 sleep nevermind anything else lol


  1. Some people never give up:

  2. boo4bettz is the safest person on stardoll all does is help us all she can this sad cow obviously is a hakcer who has been put on here
    what a heap of shit

  3. Huh! if YOU hack then we can't trust anyone:S