Thursday, 2 September 2010

Stardoll's priorities!!!!!

When i first saw this im sure i thought the same thing everyone else did!!! Great stardoll FINALLY want our opinion on whats goes on, on stardoll! But OHHH NOOOOO instead it is a survey about BOOKS!!! Like we really care about books! We are more bothered with all the hackers, scammers & sickos ripping us of & creeping us out!!!
As soon as i saw it i was ready 2 give em my reeeal thoughts on stardoll!! Maybe that is why they dont have a survey . . . lol As i assure you i would be tearing them a new 1!!
Come on stardoll get your priorities straight!!!!!


  1. My account was stolen about 2 hours ago. Her name is coolanisah and her friend, selenagomez3337 helped her by telling me i could trust coolanisah. I did something so stupid that i guess i deserve it, but i am doing all i can to get my account back via stardoll administration.

  2. ....

    I don't think I even got this letter! :O