Thursday, 16 September 2010

More hackers . . .

Well us writers here on The Ugly Side will never be out a job i think . .
This 1 was trying hack a lovely friend of mine on stardoll who is wait for it . . 11 years old! Talk about easy target . . well thats what she thought anyway! Even she didnt fall for it!
Now yes i know we have had hassle from people saying they really do just give makeovers which MAYBE some of them do, but is it worth risking ur account?! Also again you DONT need a password 2 do a makeover!!


  1. besides their dolls usually look really ugly so its silly to take a makeover from them

  2. that is true .. a lot of people always ask me if they can give me a makeover .. you arent goin to give me a makeover when your medoll looks bad.. not gonna happen !