Thursday, 9 September 2010

Number #3: Hit List

So it seems as if our favorite anonymous has been quite busy recently, with their latest target Poohg_1993. If you are reading this , anonymous, please tell us why you want to expose these girls? Or is it maybe because I've been watching too much Covert Affairs and White Collar? Haha, maybe a combination of both, but as for my knack of justice and morbid curiosity, why?

Dear readers, anybody you know who may be doing this? Please phone in and let us know, we'd love to expose this anonymous with possibly helps of your tips.


  1. It's obviously Style_Rave behind this.

  2. yeah i agree with Cianboland..

  3. but i guess dat da vicki one vicki.95 was after it but dis one i guess not cuz vicki.95 hasn't been on for 5 days watcha think