Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Perverts corner!!!!!

Youngr sd gals look away now!!
Stardoll is really becoming worse by the day! & of course they are doing NOTHING about it!! No sensoring & checking up on anything . . these comments below seriously shocked me!! After doing this blog all this time i didnt think that was possible anymore . .
Then i found this little gem left in my guestbook!! 1st how did he get away with that name & 2nd he had better watch it or ill tie a knot in his wenie!!!


  1. I am new to this blog (and cannot figure out how to register) but what I do not understand is how SD lets these creeps get away with this stuff. Surely they have been reported, so why is SD allowing them to continue on playing???

  2. totally unbelieveable they lost there minds

  3. ppl like him are taking advantage of younger girls. SICKO!

  4. I am new to this blog, and like someone else said I don't know how to register either, but, there are a LOT of creeps out there, it's just terrible and unbelieveable that Stardoll doesn't do anything about it.