Thursday, 16 September 2010

Let's Get Straight, Kids.

The crackpot line will never end, will it? Fine with me, it keeps my job around atleast. And hey, dear readers, I really appreciate all of the sweet comments in my guestbook, darlings! I am very grateful for you supporting, reading, and commenting on my posts, and I'm sure Boo and Crist3y are the same way!

I regret the name got cut off, this was sent in by one of our fabulous readers.

EPICCCC FAILL! It feels pleasant to say that.

Hahahahahahahahah this girl knows she's gonna get banned with language like that right? Oh, no, STARDOLL HAS NO FILTERS! Good members get banned, members with no class stay! That's how Stardoll works, ofcourse! That's the only explanation of to why so many girls who did nothing wrong get banned. True to the bone!

Har dee har har. That was pleasant and refreshing, like a cool summer breeezeeeee. ;D

Hey, umm, EssRox? We need to expose this person, it's great that you submitted it to us, but we need to know their name. Maybe black out yours to prevent creepers reading that?


  1. I don`t mind getting hate GB messages :P
    I get them ALL the time :P
    The Users name on that one is: sweetcupcake789

    Here`s another lovely person:

  2. Not so cool looking medoll:

    And yet another hate GB comment:

  3. EssRox why do you get so many? You seem like a nice person to me and yet people HATE you. Doesnt that bother you? and that link under 'Not so cool looking medoll' is eeeeewwww lol
    ~ Doubledutchdiva