Saturday, 25 September 2010


Hello, girls and guys! I'm back to posting hackers/scammers/and creepos on the Ugly Side! Sorry I've been so busy, it's my freshman year in high school and I've got a heap of homework from my teachers! I understand some of you feel let down by me, but never fear! I do come through. Promise! But from now on I may just be posting on weekends because of my severe lack of time. Any advice how to survive in high school? Because I'm barely breathing..

So this girl is the one who was posting crap about the lovely Boo, owner of this blog! Now she's flirting with some online creep! Who here believes that she created this account to make it seem like she has a life? I certainly do - comment below on your opinion!

STFU BACK!! That is just mean to say, honestly, some boys need to know that they are drawing the line here, from being "bad" and just.. you know.

And God.. please save the human race. Please. This girl is like asking to get raped or something, pardon my language. It's my firm belief though that if you are reading this blog you are reading enough explicit language already. Thank goodness I didn't official become active on  Stardoll until I was thirteen, when I started on my other account when I was nine, I had noo idea what I was in for!

And well, well, well. This girl had enough nerve to post this in my guestbook. Well I'm guessing that she said this for her 15 minutes of fame on this blog, it was a desperate attempt to be actually posted/talked about on a blog. Well here you go, fame whoree.. I'll keep it short and sweet for you.

Oh pleeassse. A real stay at home mom wouldn't have time for this.. she'd be cooking dinner or something. Please. Get a grip , girl. Having a baby isn't that easy. I think you talk the talk but don't walk the walk. And this, coming from a congenital hacker, uh-oh.

And this concludes your unspeakable confusion from the above picture! This is the girl who write this from above. She thinks she is a mom in her other account (shown above, and the top in this picture), and the 'baby' account she has below. W-O-W. Something smells. OH I KNOW, it's your desperation!!

(.)(.) <--- I think we know what this means. GOD. Some people use this as a 'googly eyes' sign, but I'll never look at this the same way ever again!!

Heh. This is appealing to do on a Saturday night, when there is no body you want to talk to on Facebook. I just <3 blogging it all off. Goodbye for now, goons, and lovely followers (you know who you are) !


  1. Look at this, it's just so sick:
    And his suite is too sick to look at... :O

  2. i love this post .. oh and i was hacked one week ago .. but i cant figure out who hacked it. well i have like two people in mind but i need more evidence. ughh and i was a SS too .. now i am not . i was mad.. stardoll username .. FancySchoolGurl.. add me

  3. Thwose awre awl mwy accwounts bwitch