Tuesday, 20 January 2009

another scammer i shamed???

or pupsluv7/graceq3 is it u? im guessing it probably is!
hmmm notice they all r anoymous! coz ur a friggin bunch of chickens! i do this 2 stop the silly little cows like u! so u can say woteva u like about me . . .im 10 (hmm okaaay) im stupid (if u say so) im just learning (okay now im gna pee a little)
but dont class me in the same trampy scammers/hackers pile that ur sorry butt is in!!


  1. GAAAHH! AGAIN with the anonymous bullshit! We know that YOU sadistic twits are the ones ripping buyers off for their stardollars so for the love of god PLEASE stop being little wankers and behave yourselves...either that or piss off outside and play with your hoodrat friends or something.

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  3. ^ Ooops. Acidently earsed my post i guess. Oh well I'll rewrite;


    hahaha i could care less what that f^cker has to say.

    I just love though how this person says "we"..."how do WE know your not lieing and your the hacker". BULLSHIT baby! Speak for yourself anonymous. idk bout you but i so happen to know boo4bettz is safe and your probably the f^cking scammer. Anonymous are u fricen stupid? Do you know that when childish immature people like you talk; none of us give a damn! Just another helpless wanna be trying to spread the gossip of the ones your envy of. Sad Sad Sad. Plus if your gonna trash someone atleast dont be such a scaried cat and use anonymous. :/ What? Are you afraid of us of something?

    lol whatever boo4bettez. Let the haters hate.



  4. OMG, these people, really ! If they have nothing to do and so much time to waste that they go around making trouble, then their livess must be really, REALLY SAD !!

  5. I can't believe they took you seriously when you said you were 10 & was still learning.