Tuesday, 13 January 2009

shop_wizard is that u? or just another nut case?

hmmm eitha sum1 has been named n shamed?! or its just another 1 with an attitude!
well i know the real reason i make the posts! 2 stop people being scammed n harrased by nasty people like u! so if u dnt like it then begga orff!


  1. Boo, this is scamer that u hurt her feeling (boohoo). if u dont want to get hurt just stop scamming and don't be the next scammer of the day!


    by the away how do i get my url so i can post in here, tnks.

  2. omg boo4bettz IS NOT a scammer. What a loser... She probably is one of the scammers you named or f^cken ass bithch who doesnt see clearly that your website is to help others.

    Sum biotch needs a fat ass slap in the head :P



  3. OMG was she actualy concious when she typed its 'RUDE' to have made this blog about scammers? Yes because scamming poor innocent people isnt 'RUDE', and well as for the rest there all obviously scammers because anyone who isnt is thankful for this so they can dodge being scammed IDIOTS the lot of them.