Wednesday, 14 January 2009

urrghh she makes me sick!!

at least she admits it (even tho evry1 knows anyway!)
but my question is . . if ur leaving stardoll then y not give the people their stuff back n not "sold it on"???? i can see a new account coming 2 stardoll . . . . BEWARE!


  1. what a fucking bitch...she better not make a new account :/


  2. Yeah my friend got scammed by her. She better not make another account.

  3. Whn I saw that stuff in her club, I simply reported IMMEDIATELY to Rat-Patrol.
    And she hasn't left yet.

    yesterday I was hacked by slypie23 . I immediately reported it to Rat-Patrol. That "thing" was already in her lists. slypie23, hacked me, sold some of my HB and DKNY for 2 dollars, bought crappy stuff, and spent my money -_-

    My account is JeMoiEu on Stardoll