Friday, 16 January 2009


omg! do people not read!? i got so fed up with people tryin 2 sell off my account so i added this 2 my presentation! if ur gna buy an account surely ud av a look around!!! seriously its not hard 2 spot! come on people ur making it way 2 easy 4 em!!!


  1. Usually people dont read presentations. Yep and then we have frickin funny requests. btw. blog its just great.

  2. well it's their fault if they dont read your profile. Your trying to help and warn people as much as you can.

    I kknow it can get annoying. I always get questions in friend request that can be clearly answered if they just READ MY WHOLE PROFILE. I hate when people do that. It's like hello i dont have time to repeat myself all day :/



  3. my gosh what is ur problem ok i know ur only 10 yrs old and ur stupid and ur just learning omg u r like so mean i mean how do think all these people feel how do we know ur not lieing and ur a scammer i bet u r cause u did hack ninaninci and that girl who said that u did i think i think it was graceq3 well someone else told her and i know who but u need to chill and think about how other people r feeling like the scmmer of the week or something that person must feel bad cause of YOU!!!!

  4. my god ur only 10 ur not changing any of this scammer and hacker suff ok