Saturday, 3 January 2009

proof it was a fair trade! end of disscussion!

she (Summergal113 . . hacker113 . . scammer113 . . liar113??) went first then i sold her mine! basically she changed her mind later!! (which does NOT make me a scammer OR hacker!)
as far as im concerned it was a fair trade n thats that!!
thanx all my friends 4 knowing shes tlkin crap
love ya all


  1. wha was the deal? didi u trade these 4 items for the sky?
    just curiosity!

  2. Read the post before this one and you'll get it anonymous.

    I would explain for you but it's too long. lol just read the post b4


  3. anon - no i traded those items 4 her sequin scarf n belt! she then sed later she had been hacked n they had taken her sky (which i no is a lie!) n 2 get it back she wanted her items back! wen i sed no coz it was a fair trade she accused me of hacking her and scamming her??