Tuesday, 6 January 2009

hmmm . . .

everything about this 1 just screams at me!! i have no proof of anything . . yet! but if i get any ul be the 1st 2 no!
jus be careful


  1. scammmer...

    It's very easy to figure out if they're a scammer on this.
    1st of all; people who say i can get you free 'watever' but you need a password... DONT TRUST THEM. EVER!

    But also look carfully at their account. I mean this girl only has 18 starpoints. How would she know whats rare or not. But since she says free dkny and hot buys... she probably has another account somewhere on stardoll. This screams "I'm a scammer but i dont have the guts to use my real account so i'll make another" :/

    Be aware of these people.

  2. omg! report this girl right away. she has been messaging me in the chat and saying that she can get me lots of money and stuff. obviously i'm not stupid and i didn't give her my password, but i don't want someone else falling for her tricks. thanks for posting this.

  3. She was nagging me SO MUCH! I am just so mad about all of these scammers. It just makes me so mad, every day, more and more. I recently got hacked by pucca500 and lauraah111. they stole lots of my DKNY, hotbuys and rares. Yesterday, Lauraah111 was on chat on my other account, and she claimed that there was a "cheat" to give me all of the dkny, hotbuys and rares for 2sd. On my primary account, she was selling my stuff for 2sd. what a liar. and she claimed that Pucca500 was her only person to do the cheat on. Not enough evidence at all. She probably sold all of my stuff for her for 2sd.

  4. hmmm... *scammer scences tingeling* hehe x