Sunday, 18 January 2009

hmmm the huge great big web of lies untied by the wonder of screenshot PROOF!!!!

yes i no alot of reading again so ill try n keep it short . .
basically pupsluv7 asked me a wile ago 2 visit a site (which can easily giv u a virus i no!! coz iv made that mistake b4) n she was waaaay 2 desperate 2 get me their 4 "free dkny" as u can see!) so she sent a friend 2 tell me it works (who has no "FREE DKNY" coz she doesnt like it! ya okaaay . . ) so i blocked her but kept the convo . .
then talkin 2 her "friend" graceq3 2nite n in the middle of talkin look wot the little liar did!! (as u can see there is no talk of trading or anything!) just because i said i wudnt unblock her friend coz i dont trust her!!!
n then she carried on talkin normal i guess she didnt no i knew about that comment so quick!
arrrggh silly little children grow up!


  1. Visit my blog, to learn about communism terror. :/

  2. THAT ROTTEN CHEESEBRAIN! She did the same to my FRIEND!

  3. What a f*cking bitch! I’m sooo reporting and blocking both of them. They’re both clearly full of sh^t. I hope others don’t fall for them. They’re probably the same person too :/

    I want their account deleted  You should show this to stardoll


  4. Poor kids. They think that people are stupid.

  5. Hello

    I don't understand why you would make fun of people like this. it really does work and you think you are cool doing this-right?
    well ur not... FYI
    J2LUK UNCAASGAL (its called slang-but u probably wouldnt understand cuz ur too young)
    lol this is you:
    WAHHH MOMMMMY people took my fake clothes on my fake person with my fake money and im SAD WAAAAA I WANNA make a website to make me less sad!