Monday, 26 January 2009

wot a cheek!

now 4 all my regular readers im sure ul remember this sneaky pair! 4 all those who dont please c saturday 10th january & sunday 18th january posts!
2 come n ask 4 my help & the other "u seem so cool" like uv never met me!
u either think im that dumb iv forgotten about u 2! or u just have some serious nerve!


  1. this people have a mind disease -.-

    Look, kinda breaking news:

    kerendd9 WAS BANNED!!! Really. I found it strange when i saw that her club wasn't in the most popular list... then i went to search for her... she just disappeared... she was banned! :D

    but she'll come back -.- i think

  2. WOW that's stupid. I blocked and reported those ugly biotches...