Sunday, 13 May 2012

Hot, Hot... Not!

Writing the types of posts that I do for this blog, I normally have to go searching for my story. Every once in a while, though, there's one that just falls into your lap. This happens to be one of those stories.

Soohotgirl.'s inappropriate profile came to my attention because a very helpful friend of mine suggested that I check out her page for the blog. I always find it a little funny that I'm searching for and running to these types of profiles when most people are avoiding them and running from them. Check out this picture and you might just get what I'm talking about...

Maybe I should've knocked first...

On second thought, maybe I shouldn't have even come here at all...
I don't know about you guys, but if I really had that girl tied up in a room for the night, I would untie those ropes, get her some real clothes, and find her mother to slap her upside the head for being so crude!
If you really do want her for... other reasons, I don't think you'll have any competition.

I guess I was a little off...
I know I'm not off at all, though, when I say the weirdness doesn't stop here.

The typical unassuming suite of one of the commenters in soohotgirl.'s Guestbook is shown above.
What's shown below took me aback just a teensy weensy bit.

The first part went right over my head since it's in Spanish, I believe. The last bit there in English is what really caught my attention, though.
This is definitely the first club of its kind I've seen and possibly the first one ever created on Stardoll!
Congratulations Debby_D. for having the unique honor of creeping me out. Just a teensy weensy bit.

Being my curious self, despite the popular saying 'curiosity killed the cat', I went and checked out the club presentation.
This club's presentation happened to be in Spanish, and wait for it, this one's a real shocker...
I couldn't understand a word of it.
Fear not, my dear readers!
Google Translate to the rescue!

In the picture above is everything that came out when I typed in the presentation.
Besides the word 'cantinho' (Can anyone who paid attention in Spanish class help out with that one?), everything came out in English, thankfully.
It's great that Debby could give 'Lez Girls' a place to exchange ideas and vent, but something about 'get to know better ...' sounds like it could have a double meaning. Which creeps me out. Just a teensy weensy bit.

Before I wrap up this post, I'd just like to apologize for the lack of posts on this  blog.
I've found lots of new leads and I'm currently preparing lots of new posts.
Thank you for your patience and for reading this story!

Until next time,
Victoria (Daddysangel02)


  1. Amazing post! Haha there are actually a lot of clubs like that one. I've stumbled across a few. . .

  2. Thank you!
    I did find a few more myself 'cause I looked to see if there were more like it just out of curiosity... I decided not to post them 'cause it just kept getting weirder and weirder O_O
    Ahahaa, it seems like you know your way around SD! Maybe you should write a post like this for BFM or ISD!

  3. Just to correct a tiny little point,the language she speaks first is portuguese (brazilian portuguese) and "cantinho" means "little corner" so it should be something like "our little corner". =)

  4. Olá victoria0926... Sou Debby_D. a dona da página e do club que você mencionou em seu post, acho que tenho o direito de esclarecer algumas coisas já que você se deu o direito de me expor e expor sua opinião que digamos, no mínimo, foram precipitadas conclusões.
    Em primeiro lugar o idioma que uso em minhas descrições é o Português brasileiro, sou brasileira.
    Em segundo lugar eu sou lésbica sim, mais sou noiva e meu casamento está marcado para o fim deste ano (tanto no Stardoll quando na vida real!).
    Em terceiro sei que há pessoas com a mesma orientação sexual que a minha no Stardoll e fiz minhas descrições com a intenção de ter contato, fazer amizade com pessoas com quem me identifico, com pessoas que me aceitam.
    E já que estou quase casada (é sempre bom repetir), quando disse "conhecer melhor" minha intenção foi a de fazer amizades e nada mais, se você tivesse vindo conversar comigo e entender minhas verdadeiras intenções saberia exatamente do que eu estava falando, mas você preferiu seguir suas suposições.
    Não vou contestar suas razões a fazer essa análise da minha página, e menos ainda condenar sua atitude, não vim aqui para isto, mas acho que você deveria pelo menos ter certeza do que estar falando e não sair fazendo suposições.
    Mesmo assim, obrigada pelas palavras dedicadas as minhas páginas, afinal foi com sua ajuda que percebi que o Stardoll não é um site seguro e de confiança, assim tomarei mais cuidado daqui para frente quando for escrever minhas descrições.
    Espero que você nunca precise passar por esta situação, de ser julgada sem ser conhecida.
    Passar bem

  5. LOL, Debby_D Speaked Portuguese in her presentation. I know Spanish because I'm from Puerto Rico and that's not Spanish. That's portuguese. I know portuguese because my school is full of brazilians!

  6. i am from spanish and i talk spaninsh since i was little and this is not spanish, oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :S is portugueseee :S:S:S:S:S

  7. Wow, that is disgusting, these are just lonely kids who want what they can't have

  8. I am not from Spain, but I have the best at talking spanish. That is defenitly not it

  9. I'm shocked !!! And i found Debby_D.

  10. Debby_D's presentation isn't in spanish but yes portuguese becuse se is brazilian

  11. Hello victoria 0926 ... I am Debby_D. the owner of the page and the club you mentioned in your post, I think I have the right to clarify a few things since you gave the right to expose myself and expose your opinion that say, at least, were conclusions.
    First the language I use in my descriptions is the Brazilian Portuguese, I am Brazilian.
    Secondly I am a lesbian yes, more'm bride and my wedding is scheduled for later this year (both on Stardoll when in real life!).
    Third know there are people with the same sexual orientation that my Stardoll and did my descriptions with the intent to have contact, make friends with people with whom I identify with people who accept me.
    And since I'm almost married (it's always good to repeat), when he said "know better" my intention was to make friends and nothing more, if you'd come talk to me and understand my true intentions would know exactly what I was talking about, but you preferred to follow their assumptions.
    I will not dispute his reasons to do this analysis of my page, much less condemn their attitude, I did not come here for this, but I think you should at least be sure than be talking and not go making assumptions.
    Still, thanks for the words dedicated my pages, after all it was with their help that I realized that Stardoll is not a safe and reliable site, so take more care going forward when writing my descriptions.
    I hope you never have to go through this, to be tried without being known.
    good day

    this is the translation from what debby_D. posted

  12. Could we stop shaming LGBT people on stardoll who want to meet people like themselves - there's nothing 'sickening' about it.
    Yes, the users such as 'schoolgirl' posting sexual language and pictures are wrong and disgusting - but no, Debby_D being lesbian and wanting to meet other people who are, is not.

    It would be very different if she were posting sexual language/swear words like the other user, but she did not - she described herself as a lesbian in her presentation because that's who she is and she wants people to accept her. If you think that's 'crude' you clearly don't understand what it means -if someone said they were 'straight' or had a boyfriend, you wouldn't think that was crude, and there's no difference here whatsoever.

    She created her club not to be sexual, but to meet other people like her who she identified with and could bond with as friends. It's a social need to find people like ourselves, and this was no different than a club for people who are similar in other ways, such as a 'blond hair' club or all boys club.

    Being gay is just a part of who she is, and she is clearly proud enough of this to mention it in her presentation to describe herself. We should be encouraging people like Debby to be who they are, and not be ashamed or act fake.

    Instead of accepting who she is, and letting her become friends with people like her, you have compared her to someone who is actually crude -which is completely wrong, and has left her feeling rejected for who she is.

    Anyone who publicly shames another person for their identity like this (Daddysangel02), hunts them down (Dea) or calls them names like 'creepy' 'disgusting' and 'sick' (I'm looking at you, Joyce Tao and 'kittensnstuff') -are the truly sick people.

  13. PLEASE, INFORM YOURSELF. the language is not spanish, it's fucking PORTUGUESE