Thursday, 25 November 2010

Exclusive hacking club!!!

Right im sorry to say but i have no idea which club it is but ill try n find out 4 ya!
So the story i was told by my friend is that to join the "exclusive club" you have 2 get a makeover . . sounds simple enough . . until shes asked for her pass! Not only that but when given the option to do the decent thing & do it on tinypic she then comes up with a rubbish story that she cant save files!
So always be aware of "clubs" like this 1!

UPDATE i have been told by who sent me this the club is called


  1. This is false information. Model-Elite is NOT nor has it even been a "hacking club". This was obviously posted by someone who wasn't accepted.

    As for Nirvaine, she is one of the many people who give makeovers (both presentation and medoll) by using your password. This would make sense, seeing as many people don't know how to use makeup affectively. She even has references to prove it, me being one of them.

    She is not a hacker, and Model-Elite is simply a private club. Make sure you do your research before posting libel (which, by the way, can get you in serious legal trouble).

  2. Hahaha...Why would she keep on insisting on the person's password then? That sounds hackerish. And legal action. GIVEMEABREAK! seriously, IT's A GAME! Aurolie, you need to get a life. And It was posted by someone who did get in, and she asked for a makeover. YOU ARE THE ONE WHO NEEDS TO GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!