Sunday, 14 November 2010

A couple of hackers . .

These two really are waaay behind with the times! Ths is old n i wud love 2 say that i really think NOONE would give out their pass 2 some crap like that! Just give up girls!

Also a HUUUGE apology for not posting, i have been crazy busy & have just quit my job after 2 years (thank gawd woooooo lol) so i have been concentrating on college work & just spending som time relaxing! lol But i will try n get more posts out as often as i can!!


  1. Gawd? Why do people even attempt to hack that way anymore? It's worthless!

    Quit your job? Well you sound happy! Good!

  2. i dont understand this too
    but so much girls asked me for my password i really cant count them
    but you dont know if shes a friendly girl or a bad when they are sending their friend requests to you
    then you add them and then the show their real face
    its really annoying sometimes

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