Friday, 5 November 2010

Getting seriously fed up of this childish drama!!!!!

Right now i know this blog has always been about all the weirdos on stardoll . . BUT as of NOW it is hackers & scammers only!! So please do keep sending those through!
But if you have some random weirdos etc in your gb my only advice now will be block them! As im beyond pissed off with all this childish crap!!!! I have people squabbling in my gb about the silliest things non stop crap being thrown at all us writers!!! And i have now officailly had enough!!!
So if you would like this blog to continue then i suggest everyone grows up!!!!! Otherwise i WILL BE DELETING THE BLOG!!! As to be honest there are a billion & 1 things more important in the world than someone calling you a poo head!!


  1. Look!!!!

  2. hi! check Emily.Osment.1, she is pretending to b the real emily osment and posting some stupid coments in GB, like in my friend yuana and Christie2727

  3. nickname is abolspata.../....
    there is two girls who is rude...i buy in starbazaar hb vest and they says that they wil report mee cuz i am stealing her HB...oh...sorry i just buyd it is starbazaar and that is not youts esy more....thoes girls are----kuBraRiqan and kubraRiqan111 (one gurl)....and theres what she says----give me my hotbuys....and giveeee!! or i gona report you.....plz help....she is sooo rude and anooyinr (my nick----abolspata)

  4. OMFG...
    I have a VERY BAD CASE of a WANNABE and a HACKER, and well, just a bitch anyway ;[
    She is framing to be me, (Creina10) and says to send NOT MY email the pass and info, now, people are accusing me of everything, because of some bitchy hacker! Look, here's proof: and I even made a video with even MORE proof:

  5. I prefer reading about creepers tbh, it's more funny. I could care less about hackers.