Thursday, 4 November 2010


I'm sorry to all of those members who've told me that they have had some bad people on their case and told me to post it. Here's my rebuttal though; I HAVE A LIFE PEOPLE! I can't just sit on my laptop 24/7 and fix your problems for you! Report them to Stardoll, report them to your friends, report them to me, report them to Boo. I don't mind helping you out but you've got to wait! I can't post anything within 30 seconds.. Give me a few days, PLEASE!

And for the other drama, I DON'T OWN THIS BLOG! Boo4Bettz DOES! So when something comes up, I'm NOT necessarily involved! I know Boo doesn't have her own banner but at the bottom left corner of every post it says posted by Boo4Bettz. So don't say it's my blog. And it says clearly on my presentation as well, but obviously most of you are too self-centered to figure it out. Clearly, you see I'm upset. And this anger didn't just happen. It's happened over a few months. CUT IT OFF, people, please! 

And don't you dare call me bad names because you think I posted "something bad" about you friend- well, guess what! I didn't dig up the dirt on them, somebody ELSE did or you purposly came to me to stir up trouble! So don't get into a fight with me, fix your own actions. And you won't be on here.

And to the post..

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