Tuesday, 16 November 2010

So I think they're going to hack each other?

So I think these two girls are planning on hacking each other? "What's your password?" "What's your password?" I found it quite hilarious that these girls think they can hack each other. Also, recognize RealAshelyT? She's the girl who ripped of Alice a few weeks back!



  1. Do you think I could be a writer? I could try to help you post everything

  2. hi,
    its me _JolieAnn_ or at the moment Lilsweety89.
    I got hacked. I tell you the story now:

    I came back from professional school on friday and i want to log in at 5 p.m.

    But i just can read wrong password!
    My hands were shacking.
    After 10 tries just with the same result that i couldnt log in i pressed the button: password forgotten
    When i tiped in my name i didnt get a email at my email adress and if i gave in my email adress i got a new password for a account i didnt know.
    So i created the account Lilsweety89 and looked at _JolieAnn_ and i saw the clothes were changed also the make-up and the hair and i stood in a different room.
    So i wrote in the guestbook that the person should give me back my password but she delited my comment.
    so i posted a second and then she closed the guestbook!!!
    Also she kicked out 2 girls of my best friend list (Doubledutchdiva and my best friend No.1.Sweety)
    Then she added 2 new girls i didnt know their names are Cedar.Tc and C_you
    i dont know this 2 girls perhaps you?

    What did i do then?
    i wrote a message to stardoll and a email
    i contacted No.1.Sweety and the other bf of me (tooks really long till they believe me but i knew all things just friends can know)
    And i contacted you

    And now i hope you can help me.
    Can i do something else?
    i really want to have back my account its not just because i paid for it
    i really met so much great people. i dont want to loose all i built up :(

    i hope you will answer me soon

    lots of love
    _JolieAnn_ (the real one)

  3. @_JolieAnn_
    You can try to use the parental email,
    but you might now have one, cause it was
    for people under 13. If they change the
    email, because you said you couldn't
    request a new password, so they changed
    the email. You can go back to your email,
    you will probably have this message saying
    'You requested a changed email...' and you click the button to change it back. Then
    you can request a new pass, etc. Also, you
    can watch a video I made about staying safe
    on SD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fnzoOoY9ac

  4. the problem is that i didnt get a email that i changed the email adress
    i dont know how this could happen but i think the hacker knows really what he/she did
    i think thats a professional

  5. just want to say that stardoll gave me back my account today

    im sooooooooo happy :)

  6. This blog is so inactive. Lame.

  7. Isn't RealAshelyT the person who copied hunnigall's graphic?